1.Rituals Christmas Gift Box

Rituals is a young Dutch brand with fragrances and body care products. This gift box contains 4 fragrance candles, 7 bath products, 8 body care, 3 fragrance products, facials 2 pieces, a total of 24 products. Compared to the beauty box, this gift box is better at atmosphere making and ritual sense.

2.H&M Christmas Countdown Calendar

Referring to the H.M. brand, you may know its clothing, in fact, its home branch H.M HOME is also doing very well, especially in the use of color has a set, in terms of price to take the people-friendly route.

This Christmas calendar is the use of white, green, red three colors to create snow, green Christmas tree, red house, simple rough show a strong Christmas Day atmosphere. The material is cotton canvas with 24 pull rings for hanging gifts and the top holes are easy to hang. You can use this calendar to make your own small gifts and make your own Christmas countdown calendar.

3.AMORELIE Love calendar

AMORELIE is Germany’s largest love brand, and the surprise of this gift box is that it offers your partner a chance to change and have fun and more fun moments. This is undoubtedly the most intimate and emotional gift of the issue.

Designed by world-renowned fashion designer Marina Hoermanseder, the gift box contains 24 sex toys for a different experience and enjoyment. It has three options: Love Edition, Classic Edition and Luxury Edition.